Saturday:  uhmmmm, Caturday?

Up at 5am.


Ask the cat.

“Oh wow!”

Oh wow means feed me in cat language.

Don’t cats ever have a sense of the weekend?

Might as well go shopping.

Guess what for?


Cat food.

Shopped til I dropped.

Needed breakfast.

Orange juice, please.

2 doubles and I am back on my game.

Hello Kitties!

Mom is home.

Did you miss me?


What’s that you are saying?

Oh wow?

Settle down.

Would you like tuna, chicken, beef or liver?


Oh wow?

Can’t you say anything other than Oh wow?

The phone rings.

It’s my doctor.

“Hey you need to come in for a blood test.”

I say, “Oh wow!”

The cat hears me.

He gives me a high five.

I feed him.

Oh wow!

Can someone please tell me why I have cats?

He goes out and …

Then, he appears at the door.

Such a magnificent animal.

I let him in.

He smiles at me, and says:

“Guess what?”

I beat him to it:

“Oh wow!”












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