Tuesday’s observations:

When one goes to work, do not forget your wallet/pocketbook/purse, laptop/messenger bag, etc.

This is especially true if you have left your badge/money/keys/lunch in your wallet/pocketbook/purse/laptop/messenger bag.

Do not go into work after a vacation and expect that nothing will have changed.

It is amazing how many things can change, while you have been home, vegetating.

After absorbing the changes, get to work.

That is, if you can remember your passwords.

Do not toast waffles and expect your butter to be in the refrig.

Remember: Every Friday, the refrig is defragmented.

Prioritize the mountain of work on your desk.

You probably will pick the wrong thing, anyway, and someone will hound you until you move your priorities around.

Now that you have several prioritized items, you start to get hungry.

Then you realize:  Shoot!  I left my pocketbook/messenger bag/wallet at home.  No money.

You decide to stick with it and enter an order.  It goes on a hold.

You can’t release it.

You put in a help ticket.

The answer:  You must have done something wrong.

Uhm… yeah?  but what?

You decide to head home to get your messenger bag/wallet/purse/pocket book.

Now you don’t have time for lunch.

Ok, so back to work.

Oh yeah. I have snickers and cookies.

I chow down.

Zoom.  Sugar level is elevated.

Finally 5pm.

Head out for a night cap.

Somehow, in December, a screw driver just doesn’t have the same appeal.

After 5pm, I wander home to find that the cat is missing, there is a mouse in the house and I forgot to buy beer.

I reflect on the day:

Was it a good day?

Or a bad day?

And then, I realize that there is no such thing as a good day or a bad day.

If we truly lived today, we would realize that today is a miniature version of our lives.

Eventually, we will have accumulated many of these days that make up the totality of our lives.

So, cheers to today!

Cheers to tomorrow!

Just one thought:  Can someone come up with a winter substitute for a screw driver?






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