And so, tis the end of an era.

Pat, Beaver and Chicken Butt.

3 unlikely cube mates, who found nirvana in the back room.

Say what you want, do what you do, let it all hang out, and shake your booty.

What’s for lunch?

You dumb ass.

Shut up Pat/Beav/Chx B.

I quit.

Will you? please? take me out back and shoot me?

It has been  a close relationship shared among a martyr, a controller and a goof.

One love feeds the fire. One heart burns desire.  Wonder who’s crying now?

It’s wine oclock, and it’s a 3 bottle night.

Have you seen my yellow panties?

Boy the way Glenn Miller played.  Songs that made the hit parade.

I think I need breakfast.

I hope they never move us.

But “they” did.

A new beginning.

Will we ever have this feeling again?

You know, we will no longer have the freedom to say and act like we do.

Oh yeah?

Just wait til next week.

The outrageous behavior, combined with a strong sense of control and victimization has now been absorbed into the psyche of these 3, raising the bar.  Did I say bar?

Goodbye Pat.

Goodbye Beav.

I will always remember the comfort and joy I felt working next to you two.






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