I had to take a day off.

No choice.

Either take a V day or lose it.

I took it.

In a normal year, in Pennsylvania, there are enough snow days to gobble up my 15 V days.

Today, December 11, it is 60 degrees.

No snow in sight.

It was really quite a treat to be able to enjoy my day off.

I was not stuck at home.

I did not have to shovel my driveway.

I still have my lawn chairs sitting on my deck.

From what I hear, I will be sitting on the deck tomorrow and Sunday, poppy topping again.

I tooled off in Big Blue, my leased car, at noon, to get necessities.  (beer, booze, etc.)

And a pound of bacon.

Face it:  There is not much that can ruin the effect of sizzling bacon for dinner:

My only tribulation today was that bottle of champagne.  What the hell is with all those wire dealiebops surrounding the cork?  After much consternation and multiple attempts to open that Mother, I grabbed a wrench and released those ridiculous wires surrounding that cork.

Finally!  Pop!


Oh, did I mention?

On the way home, I stopped for my daily dose of vitamin C.

Yeah, I will never have rickets.

But with all my other issues, rickets somehow do not seem to be a pressing concern.

After pouring another glass of champagne,  I decide that I really don’t like it:  It tastes like a sweet alka seltzer.

Thank goodness I have tomorrow off.  Hey wait!  I always have Saturday off.

Expect to hear from me this weekend.

I have a standing appointment tomorrow with my psychologist, Kelly, at noon.

After she adjusts my attitude, I will be back.

Just remember:

I am the craziest goof you may have ever known.

But I love you all.

Ok, I love most of you.

All right. I stand corrected.

I love some of you.

Wait!  I have no idea what I am talking about.

But, at least I don’t have rickets.










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