A bottle of reds.

A bottle of whites.

Yes, I had another Monday off.

You see, I save 4 or 5 vacation days a year for snow storms.

And we haven’t had any …..yet.

It was never my intention to get anything accomplished today.

I cherish these few days a year that I do whatever I feel like doing.

Today, I made the mother of all breakfasts.

My Mom used to make “raw” fries, and I absolutely consider them my favorite comfort meal.

Raw potatoes sliced very thin and fried in olive oil.

Oh yes.

And dippy eggs.

With bacon and toast.

Then to the closet:

One of my coworkers had a devastating experience a few weeks ago and lost everything in a fire:  Size 14 women:  Size medium men.

I intended to go through the kitchen cabinets and box up the much needed dishes, pots and pans, but somehow it was wine oclock, and I will leave the dishes for another day.

The cats have a new ritual.

When they know I am home for the day, the two of them stalk me from afar.

No more.

Now they approach me with an attitude.

Feed me.


Fresh water.


I could handle it when they kept their distance, but this….

As I was saying, a bottle of reds, a bottle of whites.

A mild Monday in mid December.

What a treat to be home on a non snowy day.

A relaxing day in the crazy world of the chicken butt.

A simple day.

And one to be cherished.




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