Today, my friends, was a day, that, as I look back, had to be the most emotionally dysfunctional day of the year.

Minute to minute drama, at work, and at home.

Are the holidays the reason?

Are we stressed out?

Do we have more to do than we have time to do it?

Close associates, with whom we have long time established respect, took delight in showing their claws.

Nothing was good enough.

Bad news erupting from the home front on the week before Christmas.

Did he really have a stroke?

How could he? So very young.

Good friends and relatives stricken with illness.



Drop everything.

Rush to the scene.

Feelings of helplessness.



I have mixed feelings about this holiday.

The most magical time of the year.

Not really.

Christmas trees and bright lights somehow seem trivial.

Life spinning out of control.

Feeling like something is missing.

But no time to really feel anything.

Hoping that everything will be back to normal tomorrow.

Is this just a bad dream?

Are we programmed to believe that the spirit of Christmas can only provide hope and happiness?

Then, when life events happen, at this time of year, what is it that we will remember next Christmas? And every Christmas there after?


Always affecting our thoughts and lives.

Tomorrow, I will wake up to the realization that the problems still exist.

And I resolve to make an effort not to associate them with Christmas.

However, there is no guarantee.

And it is with that thought that I give up the moments of today.

And welcome the possibilities of tomorrow.





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