Moving on up….


Up to the front of the class.

From the back room rowdies

To the sunny, sanitarized scene.

Two of the special people in my life commented on my imminent move:

Neither of these 2 goofs has met one another.

The first one, a veteran cubie of mine, who has moved on, to the island in the deep dark abyss of the warehouse said:

“Hey!  I see you are being relocated to the front of the office, which happens to be the closest cube to the door.  You lucky devil!  The next move is so obvious!  The proximity of your cube is a sheer indication that your next move is OUT the door.”

And the other goof in my life said:  “Oh, up front?  You are up front, close to the door? Well, well, well.  Hang in there.  Before you know it, your next office will be out the door.”

What do these two have in common?

They both like licorice, cats and their privacy.

They are never phony, tell it like it is, enjoy a few drinks, and love to laugh.

They let others live their lives, but once you cross their paths, well….. good luck. Yes, they have memories like elephants.

They are staunch supporters of our troops, our country and our president, whoever he/she may be.

They can be the life of the party, but if one of their pet cats is not feeling well, or is missing, they will shut down, not eat, and can be the most miserable people in the world.

Each is talented, innovative, creative and quite a character.  They both love music, women’s bball, and good company.

And they both put up with me.

They know I am a deranged goof, but they let me fly, fall, and rebound.

Cheers, to MCat and JB:  Love you both!







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