Opened up my mail this afternoon.

A card from my niece, Traci, in Minnesota.

And…. photos.


From May, 2015, in Duluth.

Yeah, MCat and I traveled up there on a wing and a prayer, to honor my dearly beloved sis, Margie, who passed away last fall.

I had not seen the photos until now.

And I truly believe I am either a lunatic or severely crazed.

How many people show up at a burial, and act like a complete idiot?

No offense, Margie, but I did have a great time.

And I am sorry for wearing that chicken butt hat.


No, I am not sorry.

I love that hat.

And I think you would have wanted me to wear it.

And thanks for the dinner.

You see, Margie arranged for the dinner, before she died.

She wanted all of us to toast to her life.

And believe me, I did.

I will always cherish those few days up in the Northland, close to Lake Superior.

I needed to go home, after all these years.

Thanks, Traci, for sending the photos.

What a hoot!


Oh, by the way, Margie:

Don’t expect me any time soon.

I have miles to go before I sleep.

But I toast to you every night.

And I think about those the days in May, when we said goodbye.






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