Ok.  I did not have the greatest Christmas.

Oh horror!


It happens.

Maybe I have this notion that the holidays should be filled with bells ringing and angels singing and sugar plum fairies dancing in the snow.

But I don’t.

If I was in Minnesota, I would probably be with some of my family, most likely at the casino.

We Buttafuccos have done the family scene years ago and now that we are grown up,,,,, well, Ok, so we are not exactly mature, we enjoy just hanging out together, with no stress, no fuss, no BS.  We just like having fun, acting like goofs.

There was no snow this Christmas, at least not in Pennsylvania.

But I can deal with it.

As a matter of fact, I rather enjoyed the record heat of near 70 degrees in December.

It is getting mighty chilly now, and rightfully so.  After all, it is winter time.

Yes, I have said, I enjoy the 4 seasons.  I just wish that  the 4th season was a little more restrained.

This year, Christmas was ho ho hum.

May I remind you?  I did not say : Ho Ho Ho.

I am not yet ready to take on Santa’s role, at least not until I move to Idaho.

You know the drill:

I da ho?

You da ho.

In a few days, it will be New Year’s Eve.

Ok. I am too old to go out.

Not really.

I refuse to go out on NY’s eve.

I go out every other night of the year.

After all, I am a professional.

Tonight, I am home, waiting for an ice storm, roasting a prime rib.


Who knows?

I think I need to pack a lunch tomorrow, in case of an icing event.

What’s better than a roast beef sandwich?

Rare, of course.

Oh, the last time I roasted anything, I forgot I was roasting.

I hope you all had a great Christmas.

I mean that.

And if you ask me how mine was, I will tell you it was good.

I lie.

I am roasting Chet’s nuts….. on an open fire.





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