19 bags and a carton of eggs

Last Saturday?  An historic snow fall.

A week later:  The blizzard stories continue, and start to take on a life of their own.

Strangely, the forecast is for mild temperatures for the next week, at least on the East Coast.

MId westerners:  Well, not so fortunate.  Another blizzard brewing.

In a few days, Phil will be popping out of his hole, to let us know the winter is far from over.

I noticed that the grocery stores have replenished the bread, milk and eggs.  Good thing, since I ran out of eggs, making French toast like a maniac last weekend.

I gingerly put a carton of eggs in the back of the car, along with approximately 20 other bags of stuff.  Then I made one more stop, opened up the back of the car, and guess which bag fell out?

You got it. The eggs.


As I drove home, I wondered about my driveway.  Should I?  or shouldn’t I?  Drive up all the way?  Or should I park at the bottom, to avoid the snowbanks?

With 19 bags of groceries, I drove up.

My next challenge, to turn the car around without ending up on a glacier.

I could really go for an egg salad sandwich.

Doggone it.

Why did it have to be that bag?

I need to get a chicken.




Macho macho men and the lunatic

Another Friday night.

Did you let your hair down?

Did you find a place of refuge and go a little bonkers?

As you left the working world, where did you go?

Did you take the long way home?

Or did you just find a safe haven/watering hole where the locals congregate?

A place where no one judges anyone else.

A place where you can go to be yourself, to act like an idiot, to act out, and to just act.

Laughing like children, drinking like sailors and feeling good about just being alive, on a Friday night in January, 2016.

Oh, yeah, most of the people who meet on a Friday night, are guys.

They have worked all week.

They are usually construction workers, electricians, roofers, mechanics.

And then, there is the lone Chicken Butt.

An aging woman, who has no connection to any of these guys.

She enters, wearing a ridiculous bear hat, and an attitude.

And just has to talk to everyone and anyone who happens to wander in.

After a few doubles, the old bag leaves.

And she smiles all the way home.

Who were those masked men?

Who really cares?

Actually, the question remains: Who was that masked woman?

Was she for real?

Or just a wild figment of my imagination?

As Pink Floyd would sing: “the lunatic is in my head.”

See you next Friday, boys, if you are up to it.




Chewy for pres.

Who is Chewy?

He came into our lives a few months ago.

A young, handsome, engaging individual.

So cute.

So funny.

So very entertaining.

And intelligent.

He connects with all of us, young and old.

I want to adopt him.

I want to be like he is.

I want to be as witty and creative as he is.

And now that the presidential debates are in turmoil,

I have decided that my vote will go to Chewy.

I don’t know of anyone who can resist him.

Chewy rocks.

Chewy rules.

And thank you, Chew Chew, for making us all feel special!




Good bye Paul.

Lions and Tigers and Sales People.

Oh my!

An unlikely bonding, customer service and sales.

But when it happens, watch out world!

Something clicks when 2 goofs collide.

Oh, they take their jobs seriously, but themselves?  Hell no.

So they take on the world, wearing the masks that made them successful.



Make some noise.

Jump up and down.

Do whatever it takes to be number one.

Until, you meet that unlikely person who tells it like it is.

Who will deliver good and bad news, but will always deliver.

And you learn to ease up a bit, to relax, to end the day knowing that someone is watching your back.

And your relationship blossoms.

You look forward to your interactions.

You find one another to be hilarious.

And it is always a pleasure to chat, however briefly, about whatever it is that you need.

Then it becomes more than a business partnership.

A hurricane hits.

A blizzard follows.

And you think about your friend, and call.

Did I say friend?

Oh yes.

Thank goodness you are all right.

Today, that relationship is coming to an end.

PT is retiring….. in 2 days.

I am sad.

For me.

And I am happy.

For him.

Doggone it.  How many people have left my working world and left me with a hole in my heart?

My very best wishes Grandpa Paul.

May you enjoy every day of your retirement.

I will always fondly remember you as one of the most colorful people in my working world.

Cheers, Paul!

I will miss you.



Bitter sweet.

Hey Jim

Hey Sweet cheeks.

Hey Hey

My My

I think I  heard you say good bye.

It was in the blizzard watching the snow fly by.

Hey Hey

My My

You smiled and laughed and told me you loved Anna.

And I said:  “Yeah?  Well who doesn’t?”

You winked and said, “Take care of those two.”

I said, “Anything, for you.”

He told me a secret as he emerged from the earth.

“Love is all this crazy world is worth.” adding this plea:

“Watch over Anna and my buddy Duke.”

“Of course I will, but may I add one thing?”

“Go ahead, but I can’t stay much longer.”

“May I give you a hug and a kiss as we honor your life?”

He paused, as he smiled and asked me a favor:

“Tell Anna I love her, and to never forget, that we shared a life and that is all we can ask.”

“What about my hug?”

“Pass it along, Wolfy, to Anna and Duke..  And when you get together, can you promise me one thing?  To thank the love of my life for all she did, to make my life a fabulous ride?”

“Good bye, my friend.. You will be missed.”

“Thanks, Wolfy.  Until we meet again.”






Random ramblings on the blizzard

Thoughts on the blizzard of 2016

Even in Minnesota, when it snowed, my 80 year old mother would use a broom to sweep off her sidewalk.

It took a front end loader to clear my driveway .  (and I wouldn’t exactly call it clear)

31 inches of snow in one day is outrageous.

Heck, I have trouble with 3 inches of snow.

Never run out of kitty litter, during and after a major snow fall.

Outdoor cats suddenly decide it’s better inside.

When the snow is falling at 1-3 inches an hour, do not attempt to clean off your car.

A goof I ran into one day told me to put a garbage bag on my car’s windshield.

I tried it.

There is so much snow on top of it, that I can’t find the bag.

But then I remembered, I am the bag.

Even in this massive storm, I will be out of here tomorrow. That makes 3 days tops, inside.

My question is: What the hell am I gonna do with all this bread, milk and eggs?

When the forecasters call for moderate or light snow, expect a blizzard.

When they call for a blizzard, don’t cancel your outdoor plans.

After all, the storm’s path always seems to take an unexpected turn at the last moment.

Reminds me of a football game or a horse race.

When the outcome is better than expected, I celebrate.

When it is worse, I celebrate.

Life is like that.

There is not a whole lot we can do about it.

But as the Governor of Pennsylvania said:  “We can’t control the weather but we can prepare for it.”

And I did.




Snoozing as the world shoveled

Yup.  It sure did snow.

Over 30 inches of the stuff.

Wouldn’t you know I have a long driveway?

Keep in mind, I am old and senile.

Anyway, I was excited when I saw some of the snow fall off the top of the deck.

I raised my glass and toasted to a January thaw.

Too bad the thaw didn’t do a doggone thing to the driveway, the road in front of the house, and the car.

Well, now what?

Fry bacon and whip up the French toast.

How about another brew?

Should I? or shouldn’t I?

Get dressed, that is.

And venture out.

I debated with myself, over another beer and logged into face book.

Oh no!  So many people, out for hours, digging and shoveling.

And they are still stuck in the snow.

Well, that settled it.

I am going to take a January snooze.

It is supposed to be 34 degrees tomorrow.


Finally, the January thaw.

I took a last peek outside, just before dusk.


The snow is just sitting there, doing nothing.

Oh well, as Scarlett once said:  “Tomorrow is another day.”

And then a little voice in my head whispered, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Until tomorrow, nighty night, all.





Shhh. Let’s not talk about the snow

Let’s not talk about the blizzard.

Ok, just a few words.

It certainly is a humdinger.

From the driest winter ever, to breaking the snow fall record of all time, in one afternoon, what a crazy scene.

I wonder when and if I will ever get out of here.

If not, I am well prepared….. for French toast.

I am looking outside to admire the beauty of the snow, but I can’t see anything but snow banks, in front of the doors and windows.

There are 24 inches of snow making a wall on top of the deck ledge, further hampering my ability to see what the heck is going on.

The cat won’t go out.

If he won’t go out, neither will I.

We will hang out tomorrow, the cat and I, looking at one another, waiting for the snow to melt.  I will reassure  him, that in 3 months, we should be able to resume our normal activities.

It’s going to be a long winter, after all.

I just hope I can find a liquor store that delivers.






No matter what, Mother Nature still rules the roost.

In the wake of the storm, I still have power.

Well, not that kind of power.

Just electricity,  actually.

I ate like a son of a chicken butt tonight,

Conserving my body heat.

Or as the mad hatter said, in Dr. Strangelove,

My precious bodily fluids.

And so we go silently, into the dark abyss,

Waiting for the fury of the storm.

It was ominous, this morning:

A sun rise that almost cooked my goose.

Beautiful, but blinding.

And then the clouds started hanging out in the afternoon,

Teasing us, whispering,

“You ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Ok, so here we go again.

Mother Nature, bringing us to our knees,

Reminding us that this planet really doesn’t belong to us.

We are visitors in a strange land,

Huddling together, in our boxes, we call our homes.

My best to all, as we endure another one of winter’s cruel jokes.

May we meet again, in a few days, if we are fortunate enough to have survived the blizzard of the Non Winter of 2016.

Ain’t life grand?





And I wonder, yes I wonder….who’ll stop the blizzard?

Hey, is there anybody out there?

Did you have a good day?

Did you realize the lunatic is on the grass?

And the winter snow storm will kick your ass?

I think we all like snow.

Yeah, I really think we do.

We just don’t like it when snow interferes with the things we need to do.

Yo E Yo!

Scrape those windshields.

Plow those driveways.

Get me to the church on time.

Hello?  Pizza Hut?  Are you delivering?

Do you know what it’s like to live with 2 cats who hate the snow?

Shoot.  I should have gone to the liquor store yesterday.

Hey! The lights are flickering.

Oh great.

No power.

Hello, Met Ed?

What the hell?

This is an emergency..

I can’t get warm.

I am old.

And senile.

And need a pepperoni pizza, with extra cheese.


Do I want a call when the power is restored?

Excuse me?  You are kidding, right?

By the way, is it ok to eat stuff that has been in the freezer since dinosaurs roamed the earth?

And can you please tell me:  Who’ll stop the rain?

Good night my fellow earthlings.

Let’s hope we have another day on the planet

So we can get up and do it all over again.