Ok, so I had to take a chance on the powerball lotto.

Drove into Nazareth, feeling bout half past dead.

Oops. Wrong song.

Drove into Rite Aid, to get a handful of p ball tickets.

Christmas stuff immediately caught my eye.

Now, to show you how whacked I am, I said to myself:  “What the hell? Christmas already on the shelf?”

Yes, Christmas had slipped my mind.  Geez.  It is really over?

I steadied myself, and tried to get focused on reality.

Uhm. Who am I?

Where am I?

What year is it?

Has Christmas really come and gone?

My mind went into overdrive and winked at me:

“Hey Buttafucco!  You are such an idiot.  It is the New Year.  2016.”

I hate it when my mind acts like I am stupid.

I remarked, “Hey, all you goofs out there:  What’s with the Valentine candy? Did you take all the Christmas chocolates and rewrap them in hearts and flowers?”

It’s no wonder I am confused.  On the day after Halloween, turkeys run rampant. And on Black Friday, Santa flies around with those goofy reindeer. And now, on Jan 2, Christmas decorations fill the half price bins, while cupid makes his entrance into the wonderful world of commercialism.

I noticed that most of the left over Christmas candy consisted of those awful candy canes.  I mean, does anyone really like those?

I got my p ball tickets and hightailed it to the liquor store.

The sign read:  NY resolutions?  Nah!

Ok,  now that’s more like it.

There’s something about a liquor store that puts it all in perspective.

I wander around the aisles, never knowing what day it is, nor what holiday is looming.

Simply stated, every day is a day to celebrate, after a visit to the liquor store.

So Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Will you be my valentine?

Saturday, in the park, I think it is the 4th of July.

Let’s just get down, bang a gong and toast to one another, no matter what day it is.






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