Cold night…. Monday.

Grabbed the afghan that my sister Margie had made for me.

A beautiful, cream colored, knitted masterpiece.

What a cozy, dreamy sleep I had.

Reluctantly got up at 5am, to face the world, in my drafty little house.

Checked the temperature outside:  7  degrees.

“Remember”, I said to myself, “You love the 4 seasons.”

Rummaged through my closet to find the bear.

“Hello Bear!  It’s time to come out of hibernation and brave the elements.”

At 7am, Bear and I ventured down the driveway, to take out the trash.

A luxury, that’s what Bear is:  A long fur coat with a hood.

A wonderful gift from Jacy a few years ago.

There isn’t a blizzard nor a N’Easter that can phase the Bear.

The only drawback, of course, is wearing it during bear hunting season.

Tonight it is even colder.

The Bear and I stopped for a quick night cap on the way home from work.

Naturally, shots rang out.

Oh, wait.  Not those kind of shots.

Needless to say, we survived.

Home at last.  5 degrees.

I reluctantly shed the Bear, and got in my jammies.

Guess what?

Yes, Puff Daddy is curled up in the Bear.

Puff Daddy, the cat, with a hole in her heart, thrown out of a car, in a plastic bag, years ago, and rescued by Jimmy.  He saved her life and brought her home  as a gift to me.

I just might bring Puff and the Bear to bed tonight, along with Margie’s afghan.

The 4th season:  Not usually my favorite, but tonight, when the weather outside is downright brutal, I am thankful for my cat, my bear and my afghan, all of which were given to me, as gifts.

And, I might add, my 3 favorite gifts of all time.






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