New Year news letter to all employees:

Ok, gang, here it goes:

A new year and a new you.

Gag Gag.

Sorry.  Had a hair ball.

Let’s face it.  Some of us may change, some of will never change and most of us don’t give a rip if we change or not.

As a matter of fact, just between you and me, I hate those who make resolutions and keep them.

Don’t they know that the American way is to blow it?

You know.  Keep it going for a day or two and then say,  “#5@5@%@ it.”

Sorry.  Got off track there, folks.

The new year is a good time to review our mission, our values and our goals.

Let me start with this:

We are walking the talk.

We have moved the bad apples out of the back room.

It is now a veritable cuckoo’s nest, cool, calm and collected, in that back sanctuary.

We are considering installing MUSAC for ambience.

Secondly, we have all the old people sitting up front by the windows.

Yes, we keep the windows open.

As the saying goes, Many are cold but few are frozen.

Freezer and geezers:  A lethal combination.

That leads me to the refrigerator.

Get those damn old yogurts out of there.

And who puts hot sauce in the refrig?

It’s curtains for all those expired delicacies every Friday night.

So don’t expect to find your half eaten cheese steak or string bean Chinese disaster on Monday morning.

Yeah, I am talking to you Pat.

Ok. Where were we?

Oh yeah.

A new year, a new you.

Join us for a daily walk, on Nestle Way.

Walking is healthy and will help you lose weight.

Unless, of course, you get hit by a speeding 18 wheeler.

As they say, there is more than one way to skin a cat or to eliminate surplus.

Just a little dark humor, there, folks.

See you on the flip flop, but not on your feet, of course.





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