January 9, 2016

So far, a stellar day!

Woke up at 430am:  Yes!  I had remembered to make coffee last night!

Not a creature was stirring, not even a cat.  Yes!  2 hours before the cats started their “I’m hungry” routine.

10am:  Yes!  Oil delivery!

$1.36 per gallon.

Fill it up !!!

400 gallons :  $544

What a difference from last year.

Headed out to go shopping.

41 degrees, in January?

Yes! (Oh, I know it won’t last, but for now, what a treat!)

The lottery line was ridiculous.  So happy I purchased the winning ticket yesterday.

Noticed my favorite grocery store checker was working. Slipped her a few valentine peeps on my way out. Yes!  She loves peeps, especially when she pops them in the freezer. Some like them fresh, some like them stale, some like them frozen, and me?  I prefer to nuke their asses and watch the fireworks.

Headed home, but my @#%@5@% car stopped before I got there. Yes!  The car pulled into the bar, to make sure I got my daily dose of vitamin C.

Thanks Kelly!  I love to stop on Saturdays to see Dr. Kelly, who prepares my meds for the day.

Trudged up and down the stairs, to put away groceries.  Had to stop and eat a doughnut and a zillion pumpkin seeds before it was all said and done.  Yes!  Sweet and salty.  Such a wonderful combination.

I have a peaceful, easy feeling this afternoon, this Saturday, in January, 2016.

I think I will change into my pjs and pop open a bottle of vino, toasting to all of you who are screwy enough to read this blog.








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