I would rather not comment on today.

Ok….. if you insist.

Stock market:  Down.

Oil prices:  Down.

Temperatures:  Down.

Mood of most of my coworkers:  Down.

Fake bug in E’s cube:  Down.  (Chewy killed it.)

Number of people at the bar in mid January:  Down.

Mercury in retrograde:  Uhm.  That’s another story.

4 wheel drive in ice:  A myth.

Jealousy of those who want my lion hat:  on the rise.

New friends I have met wearing that lion hat:  priceless.

Number of people who have tried to shoot me wearing that hat:  Up.

Deer, on the side of the road, who stopped, at the last moment, after spotting my lion hat:  Innumerable.

Double screw drivers after a trying day:  No contest.

Seeing double phantom deer in the dark, after several double screwdrivers:  Shut up, Pat.

Hanging out on a cold winter’s night, in my Hello Kitty robe, with a talking cat?  Oh Wow!




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