In the deep freeze of winter, check out the temperature:  47 degrees.

What the heck?

No, I am not complaining.

Actually, as Mick Jagger once said:  It’s only rock and roll, but I like it.

I love the way he makes all those suggestive throaty sounds, as he sings: I like it.

Oh well, next thought.

I have always preferred bottled beer to canned beer.

Until I discovered aluminum thermal cans.

Hey. not bad.

And much easier to carry for those of us who are on the dark side of the moon.

I had a rather wacked out week at work, and I wonder sometimes if I am the reason the week gets wacked.

Yeah, I really do try to do the best I can.

However, I am a sub human, token idiot of the senior world, still working and I do, on occasion, makes boo boos.

Ok. I make them every day.

Over breakfast this morning, I listened to my friend discuss an elderly woman who refused to retire, while everyone whispered :  “Uhm….  Maybe someone should institute a mandatory retirement age. The old gal is really a mess.”

Come on folks.  Give us old bags a break.

Anyway, getting back to this elderly woman, she died, at her desk.

I think about that and hope that if I do croak, that after a few weeks, someone may ask for my opinion on something important, like what to order for lunch, and cart my ass off to the recycling bin.

For now, I am enjoying the hell out of my golden years.

I get up at dawn with a winged heart and give thanks that the cats don’t know it.

I go to work at a job I really like, disguised in animal hats to protect the innocent.

And I have 2, yes 2, watering holes on my way home each night.

In summary, I have decided not to take myself seriously.  (Not that I ever have)

As I have ripened, like a squash, or a banana, old is not necessarily better.

As a matter of fact, old kinda sucks.

Unless of course, one is a seasoned cougar, wise beyond her years, and bat #WT%^T# crazy.

And that my friends, is me.

Until tomorrow,







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