How was your day?

Yeah, you!

Was it a good one?

Did you decide at the crack of dawn that even though you were freezing your ass off, it would be a good day?

Did you make the most of each moment?

Whatever your circumstance, did you embrace life and reach beyond yourself to those less fortunate?

Did you find humor in your situation?

Did you laugh until your sides ached, mostly at yourself?

Did you make sure your pets were warm, had shelter and were fed on this brutally cold January day?

Who will remember your act of kindness for today?

Did you remember to express your love for someone special today?

And did you give yourself a time out?  To breathe, to relax and to meditate on this day, Jan 19, 2016?

Another day on the planet.

Did you make the most of it?

If not, and if you are fortunate, you may have another chance tomorrow.

Hope to see you then!




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