How now brown cow?

A nor Easter?  Or a non sequitur?

Son of a gun ? Or Son of a butt?  (Chicken butt, that is)

Palin and Trump?  Could that really be Hump and Rump?

Milk and bread? Or booze and …. well, let’s just say booze and more booze.

Panic in the grocery stores.

The east coast under siege.

3 days before the main event.

Oh the hype!

Did anyone recall that winter happens?  Every year?

And that if you or I or any of us choose to live in the I95 corridor, we will be subject to a few flakes now and then?

Oh the horror.

Oh the humanity.

Oh the thought of being cooped up on a weekend in a very very fine house, with 2 cats in the yard, life used to be so hard.

And guess what?  It still is.

Scurry around.

Buy as many loaves of bread that you can.

Don’t forget the eggs.

Wring your hands.

Worry about getting the heck out of your driveway.

Oh the drama!

I can almost guarantee you, that on the worst day of the storm, there will be those who will spend hours

, digging out.

And then, 2 days later?

What storm?

Hey, peeps, chill out.

Let it snow.

And if you have a snowmobile, come on up to my house.

You will be welcomed by 2 cats in the yard, and 2 ridiculous chicken butts, serving peanut butter sandwiches and Jameson.

Here’s to the winter of 2016!






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