Yup.  It sure did snow.

Over 30 inches of the stuff.

Wouldn’t you know I have a long driveway?

Keep in mind, I am old and senile.

Anyway, I was excited when I saw some of the snow fall off the top of the deck.

I raised my glass and toasted to a January thaw.

Too bad the thaw didn’t do a doggone thing to the driveway, the road in front of the house, and the car.

Well, now what?

Fry bacon and whip up the French toast.

How about another brew?

Should I? or shouldn’t I?

Get dressed, that is.

And venture out.

I debated with myself, over another beer and logged into face book.

Oh no!  So many people, out for hours, digging and shoveling.

And they are still stuck in the snow.

Well, that settled it.

I am going to take a January snooze.

It is supposed to be 34 degrees tomorrow.


Finally, the January thaw.

I took a last peek outside, just before dusk.


The snow is just sitting there, doing nothing.

Oh well, as Scarlett once said:  “Tomorrow is another day.”

And then a little voice in my head whispered, “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

Until tomorrow, nighty night, all.






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