Thoughts on the blizzard of 2016

Even in Minnesota, when it snowed, my 80 year old mother would use a broom to sweep off her sidewalk.

It took a front end loader to clear my driveway .  (and I wouldn’t exactly call it clear)

31 inches of snow in one day is outrageous.

Heck, I have trouble with 3 inches of snow.

Never run out of kitty litter, during and after a major snow fall.

Outdoor cats suddenly decide it’s better inside.

When the snow is falling at 1-3 inches an hour, do not attempt to clean off your car.

A goof I ran into one day told me to put a garbage bag on my car’s windshield.

I tried it.

There is so much snow on top of it, that I can’t find the bag.

But then I remembered, I am the bag.

Even in this massive storm, I will be out of here tomorrow. That makes 3 days tops, inside.

My question is: What the hell am I gonna do with all this bread, milk and eggs?

When the forecasters call for moderate or light snow, expect a blizzard.

When they call for a blizzard, don’t cancel your outdoor plans.

After all, the storm’s path always seems to take an unexpected turn at the last moment.

Reminds me of a football game or a horse race.

When the outcome is better than expected, I celebrate.

When it is worse, I celebrate.

Life is like that.

There is not a whole lot we can do about it.

But as the Governor of Pennsylvania said:  “We can’t control the weather but we can prepare for it.”

And I did.





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