Hey Jim

Hey Sweet cheeks.

Hey Hey

My My

I think I  heard you say good bye.

It was in the blizzard watching the snow fly by.

Hey Hey

My My

You smiled and laughed and told me you loved Anna.

And I said:  “Yeah?  Well who doesn’t?”

You winked and said, “Take care of those two.”

I said, “Anything, for you.”

He told me a secret as he emerged from the earth.

“Love is all this crazy world is worth.” adding this plea:

“Watch over Anna and my buddy Duke.”

“Of course I will, but may I add one thing?”

“Go ahead, but I can’t stay much longer.”

“May I give you a hug and a kiss as we honor your life?”

He paused, as he smiled and asked me a favor:

“Tell Anna I love her, and to never forget, that we shared a life and that is all we can ask.”

“What about my hug?”

“Pass it along, Wolfy, to Anna and Duke..  And when you get together, can you promise me one thing?  To thank the love of my life for all she did, to make my life a fabulous ride?”

“Good bye, my friend.. You will be missed.”

“Thanks, Wolfy.  Until we meet again.”







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