Lions and Tigers and Sales People.

Oh my!

An unlikely bonding, customer service and sales.

But when it happens, watch out world!

Something clicks when 2 goofs collide.

Oh, they take their jobs seriously, but themselves?  Hell no.

So they take on the world, wearing the masks that made them successful.



Make some noise.

Jump up and down.

Do whatever it takes to be number one.

Until, you meet that unlikely person who tells it like it is.

Who will deliver good and bad news, but will always deliver.

And you learn to ease up a bit, to relax, to end the day knowing that someone is watching your back.

And your relationship blossoms.

You look forward to your interactions.

You find one another to be hilarious.

And it is always a pleasure to chat, however briefly, about whatever it is that you need.

Then it becomes more than a business partnership.

A hurricane hits.

A blizzard follows.

And you think about your friend, and call.

Did I say friend?

Oh yes.

Thank goodness you are all right.

Today, that relationship is coming to an end.

PT is retiring….. in 2 days.

I am sad.

For me.

And I am happy.

For him.

Doggone it.  How many people have left my working world and left me with a hole in my heart?

My very best wishes Grandpa Paul.

May you enjoy every day of your retirement.

I will always fondly remember you as one of the most colorful people in my working world.

Cheers, Paul!

I will miss you.




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