Last Saturday?  An historic snow fall.

A week later:  The blizzard stories continue, and start to take on a life of their own.

Strangely, the forecast is for mild temperatures for the next week, at least on the East Coast.

MId westerners:  Well, not so fortunate.  Another blizzard brewing.

In a few days, Phil will be popping out of his hole, to let us know the winter is far from over.

I noticed that the grocery stores have replenished the bread, milk and eggs.  Good thing, since I ran out of eggs, making French toast like a maniac last weekend.

I gingerly put a carton of eggs in the back of the car, along with approximately 20 other bags of stuff.  Then I made one more stop, opened up the back of the car, and guess which bag fell out?

You got it. The eggs.


As I drove home, I wondered about my driveway.  Should I?  or shouldn’t I?  Drive up all the way?  Or should I park at the bottom, to avoid the snowbanks?

With 19 bags of groceries, I drove up.

My next challenge, to turn the car around without ending up on a glacier.

I could really go for an egg salad sandwich.

Doggone it.

Why did it have to be that bag?

I need to get a chicken.





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