Isn’t it wonderful that we can go to a grocery store and buy all the groceries we can afford?

And a whole lot more?

Such as:  Vacuum cleaners, crock pots, table cloths, socks, gift cards, beer, pizza, hoagies, blood pressure machines, coffee makers, and condoms?

Use your preferred shopper card and get 10% off of everything, including prescription drugs and gasoline.

Remember to use coupons and you will save even more.

So what if you have 42 cans of chicken noodle soup and 12 boxes of frosted flakes?

It was worth saving 8 bucks.

Geez.  I am beginning to hate chicken noodle soup.

And after my 5th box of frosted flakes, I want to murder Tony the Tiger.

I was tempted to go for the hype today: Buy 2 packages of cheddar cheese and save $3.00.

Hello? I don’t need nor do I want 2 packages of cheese.  So just give me one pack and do not, I repeat, do not advise me, as I am checking out, that I really should buy 2 packs.

Some of us have a refrig full of buy one, get one free stuff.

And we only ate one.

A bargain?

I doubt it.

Tomorrow I am cleaning out the refrig, again.

I have to throw out the expired bargains.

Remind me next week, to buy cat food and coffee.

And to hell with the rest.

Now, if only the liquor store would have a 2 for 1 sale.




I know you… well, I recognize your hats and your laugh

I met a few characters on the way home tonight.

All working class guys.

All bar flies.

How the hell do they know me?

Number one :

“Only the blind and the assholes wear sunglasses at a bar.”

I took one look at him, and said:  “Yeah, ok, so what’s that on your head?”


He didn’t respond, so I said:  “‘When did you go blind?”

Next:  A little girl and her daddy, on their way to a hockey game.

Her mommy, who is divorced from daddy, entered the bar.

The little girl played her cards.

She is in control, as Dad and Mom compete for her affection.

Too bad, neither one never learned to say, “NO.”

Mom gives the ex Dad and the little girl hockey tickets.

The little girl runs out of the bar, in a rant, leaving the tickets on the table.

What the hell?

Hello, parents!

Our children don’t need friends, as parents.

They need parents as parents.

Dave enters.

Open heart surgery.

Rarely comes out at night, anymore.

Rarely drinks.

Looks fabulous.

Ordered a beer …. and another…. and another…

Enters Bill, the story teller.

I had to introduce them.


Todd is at the bar, drinking shots.

He asks me what is shaking.

He always asks me that.

I look at Colleen.

We laugh.

Hey Todd, you hunk a hunk of burning love.

It doesn’t matter.

Todd has his highs and lows.

Depends on his moods.

A stranger enters.

I welcome him to the bar.

He says he recognizes me.

Oh maybe not me, but my laugh.

Was I at the Cracker Barrel last week?

Oh geez.

Who knows?

I can’t remember where I was yesterday.

I order one more drink, and slink out of the bar.

I don’t want that handsome kid in the red, white and blue jacket to walk by me again.

I might attack him.

What a handsome dude

Ok, I am home.

Do you think I should  change my lifestyle?

Leave work at 5pm and come right home?

Hey, forget I asked.

Dumb question.

I would rather “work” late every night and enjoy the ridiculous people I meet along the way.

What a wonderful time we always have.




Allow me to introduce myself

Well, now, how the heck is everyone?

Let me introduce myself, for those who have not had the pleasure of meeting me.

I am a female.

My ancestors came from Ireland and Norway.

My mother was a saint.

My dad, a sinner.

I was the 5th child in a family of 7, the first to leave the clan in Minnesota permanently.

Now there are only 3 of us left.

And one of those 3 is missing.

Moved 8 times around the country.

My favorite places?  Oregon and New Jersey.

Never been to Idaho, but I kid about it:  Idaho?  Youdaho.

Married twice, to musicians.


Who knows?

Both were a challenge.

No kids.

Just pets.

Loved to travel, in my youth.


Love to travel to work, to the grocery store, liquor store and to my favorite watering holes.

Had 3 jobs in my lifetime.

And I loved all of them.

Customer Service, with a sprinkling of creative writing now and then.

Not a lot of close friends.

Most people get tired of me.

I am too silly, ridiculous and fragmented.

If you must know the truth, I have problems with close relationships.

I always feel I might be intruding.

Or worse, I might be needy.

I find it difficult to not like everyone.

I am extremely tolerant.

And love diversity.

So, I tend to go it alone.

Inevitably, someone finds me.

In a corner, in the spotlight, losing my religion.

Or worse, drinking my 3rd double, reflecting on my day.


Another chance to make a difference.

Did I?

I don’t know.

I tried.

I hope I did.

If not, I will do it again tomorrow.

And if you find me to be a silly, crazy, ridiculous individual, don’t let it fool you.

I care about you more than you will ever know.




Somewhere over the rainbow, a sports bar exists.

Hey friends!

What a ridiculously miserable foggy, gloomy day.

Just what we Irish folk love:  Rain, gloom and doom.

It is such a lovely backdrop to the end of a day.

Work your ass off.

Do your best.

Wind up at the end of the rainbow, or a sports bar, whichever is closer.

An orange drink please.

But make it a tall one, with a bit of the leprechaun in its path.

Truman Capote?

Was he Irish?

If not, he should have been.

20 TV sets, broadcasting sports in the bar.

One lonely set announcing the impending doom of a tornado.

Ok, so, how about one for the road?

Oh my. The fog!

Can I remember the twists and turns of the back roads to my house?

I stop along the corn fields.

4 or 5 deer are prancing in the fog.

Come on, guys.

Can’t we all just get along?

Fortunately, no other vehicles intruded on this foggy parade.

Puff, my magic wagon, crept along the outskirts of reality and made it up the driveway from hell.

No deer were injured in the making of this film.

Hunkering down, with puff the magic cat, Half Pint, the Oh Wow Cat, and James.

Are we prepared for the tornado?

(enter the chicken butt)

Yeah, I stopped at the pet store and the liquor store.

Once again, the C. Butt delivers.

I really am amazing.

All right.  So I am just half in the bag.

Nighty night, my friends.




What things have been awesome in your life?

Willie Nelson’s harmonica player.

My first shot of Jameson.

St Patrick’s in NYC.

Creating a double reed for my oboe.

The clarity of the ocean in Tahiti.

My mother’s raw fried potatoes.

Bonding with my nemesis.

Laughing until I cried.

Getting married in jeans and boots.

The sunset in Newport Beach, CA.

Getting drenched in High Bridge, NJ, meeting my sister in law for the first time.

My first pet, Hoopsie, a blue parakeet.

My  high school English teacher who believed in me.

Sharla and I, dressing up in high heels and dresses, walking through the neighborhood, in our early teens.

Rooting for my little brother at the World Series Little League.

Wearing my chicken hat last year, in Minnesota, re connecting with my family, at my sister Margie’s burial.

Taking on a Management position at age 22, and climbing the corporate ladder.

Giving it all up in my late 40s. Enough is enough.

Learning to love cats.


Enjoying the diversity of the workplace and feeling grateful for those who include me.

The boys at the local pub who put up with me.

Hot showers.

Communicating with my customers.

Lake Superior.

Oh, so many more things,

But most of all, just feeling good about life, being me, and giving whatever I have to make life fun and exciting to those I meet on this journey.





Let’s dance, while there is still time to dance.

Ups and downs.

Highs and lows.

A day surrounded by mania and depression.

Laugh, celebrate, indulge.

Cry, comfort, retreat.

Oh life, how you flow into our existence.

One moment exhilarating.

The next, deep sadness.

One never knows who is experiencing what end of the spectrum.

Our families, friends, coworkers, strangers.

Be gentle and kind.

Take today, for example:

An engagement announced.

A baby to be born in September.

A sudden death of a spouse.

A beloved pet at the end of its life.

A special luncheon to celebrate team work.

A father diagnosed with cancer.

A friend’s 50th birthday.

So many seasons to our lives.

My advice?

Have empathy.

Live through the joy and pain.

And remember, above all: Take care of yourself.

It is your life, and it is all you have.

You will experience many of these emotions, guaranteed.

It will define you.

It will either make or break you.

And it will be a struggle.

But it will always be worth it.



And give thanks for those moments and years that you fondly remember.

You are worth it.

It’s all we have.

Don’t give up.

Those who have left this world, would give anything to have one more day, one more hour.

Don’t waste yours.



Born to be wild

Is it grey or gray?

Regardless, it was a grey/gray day.

The sun came out for a few minutes, elevating my mood.

Funny how the sun can make a difference in my outlook.

Puffy doodle is still with us.

She is drinking a concoction called cat milk.

It doesn’t look like milk, but she likes it and that gives me hope that she might stick around for awhile longer.

Half Pint has me wrapped around his paw.

He approaches me and says, “Oh Wow!” and I feed him.

5 times today.

I am waiting for the 6th “Oh Wow”.

He has trained me very well.

It’s still February.

For a short month, it sure seems like a long one.

The weekend flew by.

So did I.

Just a little too wild, again.

I really ought to settle down.

Strike that.

I like wild.

I live for wild.

I wonder what I can think up for tomorrow.

It will most likely be wild.

Until then,






Give up? Not an option.

Early morning.


Breakfast club.

Scheduled, 830am.

Rushed to the scene.

Had 5 minutes to shop at the C. Barrel Gift shop before b. fast.

Found a chicken butt vest.


Don’t ask.

Bought it..

Should I wear it on Monday?

Fast forward to the supermarket.

Where is everyone?

Hey, this is the store that died, when the mega store emerged.

3 checkers

How sad. Will this store be here tomorrow?

Moved on to the liquor store.

Where is everyone?

Not again.

Prediction: Not gonna  make it.


So, drove to the local pub.

Make mine a double.



A double.

And another…. and one more.

Moving along the old highway, one more stop.

Make it one for my baby, one more for the road.

And don’t forget the chicken wings and onion rings.

Oh no!

14 bags to carry up.

Hey!  I am old.

One at a time, you goofs.

Let us get one thing clear.

It is Saturday.

And I am an idiot.

And if you don’t like it, so what?

It’s my life.

In the words of Francis Sinatra, “I did it my way.”

Yeah, well, did he have the “it” factor?

And do you?

I believe we all do.

So never give up.

I will see you tomorrow, all those who have the balls to continue.

Life:  How very differently we interpret our station in life.

My thought:  If you are alive today, regardless of your situation, give thanks for another day on this planet.

Make the most of it.

See you all tomorrow.

I will be looking for you.





Are you what you believe?

Miracles on a cold February Day.

Early Friday.

At work.

Hungry as a bear.

In walks Mary with her buns.

How sweet it is.

Thanks Mary.

Half way through the morning:

The cat also known as Puff Daddy is still alive.

At 9:59am, I received a call from Puff’s real Daddy.

“She is trying to eat.”

How in the hell?

Go for it, Puff.


Stressing over multiple issues.

Alan to the rescue:

Sees the Chicken Butt struggling and grabs her orders.

Thanks Alan.

Not really hungry, but need to escape for a few minutes.


Oh yes!

Lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers in a pomegranate dressing, with toasted pita chips.

After lunch:

A deadline, looming.  5 pm or else:….

Stressing my ass off.

Superwoman flies through the warehouse, waving her magic wand.

What a woman.

What a boss.

Thanks, LIz.

Finally able to settle down.

Head out for a few drinks.

Bar/restaurant is packed.

Watching families at the neighborhood pub, on a Friday night, ordering loaded fries and chicken wings and onion rings and burgers.

Who says families don’t eat together?

Strange, though.  Not much conversation.

I wonder, sometimes, why we eat in silence, checking our phones and stuffing our faces, while our loves ones sit next to us, doing the same.

And then one day, when they are gone, we wish for the good old days.

Oh so many miracles on a cold Friday in February.


You didn’t see any?

The miracles happened somewhere else?

Want to see a few tomorrow?

They are there.

Just take a good look at what is happening all around you.

At the end of the day, tomorrow, take a few moments to reflect on the positive things that happened to you.

I guarantee that you will have experienced a miracle… or two.

If only you believe….






From the top of the town to washing cars


For some it is the worst thing.

For others, it is a temporary condition.

Or it can be fatal.

Perhaps it is a lesson learned.

Some give up when they lose,

Never to try again.

Others, get up, dust themselves off and try again.

Those who are successful have histories of successes and failures.

Lose a few, win a few.

It’s all in the game of life.

If you happen to be born in a world of fortune and fame, is it easier to win?

Or easier to lose?

Is it luck?

Or is it a passion?

I think it may have to do more with an attitude, a vision and a dream.

Most can’t do it alone.

Some can, but rarely.

How do we measure success or failure?






Perhaps, Steve Young said it best:


Ah Life!

A series of wins and losses.

A never ending saga of joy and sorrow.

And the most wonderful feeling, in spite of it all, of being alive

With another chance… to live, love and win.