Phil got up at 715am this morning.

No shadow.

That goofy varmit.

An early spring.

Sure, Phil.

Trump also popped out of his hole.

Saw his shadow and got the heck out of Iowa.

Said he was gonna come back and buy a farm.

That is the one best thing about Trump:  He is so sincere.

Decided to give it hell at work today.


I cannot remember a more frustrating day in the past several years.

Went out at noon and saw my shadow.

Just me and my shadow dancing our way back to the office

For an afternoon of non delight.

So many reaching out for the help I could not provide.

Letting down those that were expecting me to have the answers.

Hitting black holes and brick walls and broken processes.

Shut down at 5 and drove to an obscure watering hole, where I was left to my own demise, or is it my device?

Had a drink.

It didn’t help.

Thought about Glenn Frey.

Got up, shook myself off and hit the road.

Tried to get that peaceful, easy feeling.

Am home, taking it easy.

Now if only I was standing on a corner in Winslow Arizona…..

Popping my weasel.

Until tomorrow,









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