Strange one, today was.

Up before 4am.


Couldn’t sleep.

Entered the office early, with a positive attitude.

By noon, I had 4 potential fire storms brewing.


I needed a break, to consider if I really wanted to go back and fight the fires.

Missed a mandatory meeting.

Came back and no one was around.

Oh great.

Firestorm number 5.

Would anyone understand what I was going through?

Should I talk to someone?

Ask for counsel?

Lay down in the middle of the office and have a tantrum?

Take all my clothes off and streak through the warehouse?

Decided to hose off the fires one at a time.

Five, four, three, two, one:  Embers are flying, smoke is billowing, as the storms lay in the ashes.

Total devastation was avoided.

The only damage was to myself.

Integrity was preserved.

Coworkers rallied to my needs.

I left with a feeling of relief.

So happy I did not give in when things looked bleak.

Grateful for those who lifted me and my spirits up.

Did I say spirits?

I stopped for one.

Ok, for two.

And raised my glass to those who helped me hang on, to find solutions, and to end the day with a smile.





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