A Friday night.

Tired from the week.

Should I stop for a drink?

Why not?

Sauntered in.

“Where’s your hat, Chicken Butt?”

“Sit down in your usual spot.”

“Here is your double screw driver.”

Wait: Who is this gorgeous young kid sitting in my usual spot?

2 hours later:  Kevin kisses me goodnight.

He is 22 years old , from Missouri, working himself through college, and eventually law school.

A really handsome dude, engaged to his high school sweetheart.

We talked about all his dreams, his current job in the warehouse, his charismatic characteristics, and his devotion to becoming a lawyer.

I cannot tell you when I have enjoyed myself more than I did tonight.

Laughing, small talk, at first.

Eventually revealing the man behind the child.

He told me that one of his co workers, a 50 year old man, told him he was handsome, and engaging and that he loved him.

They two of them are going to get another tattoo tomorrow.

He is being teased.

Who is this 50 year old unmarried man?

Could he be gay?

And then, Kevin and I got the giggles, and said, almost simultaneously, “So? Who cares?”

I hope they have a wonderful time tomorrow.

His friend, a Miss Liberty tat.

Him?  A dragon.

And after we agreed that being gay has nothing to do with being friends, we toasted to our futures, not together, but to one another.

And I left that scene, feeling that Kevin may be 22 years old, but he is ageless.

Such a wonderfully sweet guy, from a small town in Missouri, who will one day, live to fulfill his dreams.

Sometimes we find motivation in the least unlikely spots.

Tonight, I did.



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