It was one of the most beautiful mornings I have ever witnessed.

Snow covered the trees in rural Pennsylvania.

I admired the scenery all the way to work.

Torn, of course, between the impending loss of Puffy Doodle, aka Puff Daddy, and the magical mystery of life itself.

To be alive this morning was a miracle, a bitter sweet feeling.

If only she can hang on for another day, another week, another month.

And then a return to reality.

Pets are a constant reminder of joy, as they bond with the family.

Their lives are short, even shorter than our human years on this planet.

And when that life is threatened, we grieve, and we attempt to prolong the inevitable.

It seems so empty without a loved one.

Life changes.

We are never the same.

It’s ok.

We need time to sort things out, to come to terms with our loss.

To eventually accept reality.

To find happiness and joy in our daily lives, to find new purpose.

Pets teach us that we need to enjoy each moment with one another.

So that when, the time comes to part, we will embrace grief, until we can accept the inevitable.

They teach us that life itself, with all of our personal relationships, are very similar to our beloved pets.

A loss of a mother, a brother, a child, a spouse, a pet, a friend…..

They leave a hole in our hearts and lives.

Until we fill that hole

And move on, to live and love again.





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