On a day that was brutally cold, I expected the Puff Cat to die.

How is it that she is surviving after 5 days of no food, and very little water?

Is this indicative of the will to live?  In spite of the odds?

People lose it all: Loved ones, spouses, children, health, belongings, everything….. and yet the will to live cannot be surpassed.

Hey, world!  I am a 5 lb cat, with no reason to still be alive.

Hello everyone!  My life is turned upside down:  A fire destroyed my home. My family is gone.  I am still here.  Why?

I have been to Afghanistan, to Iraq and have witnessed acts of war, suffering the loss of my colleagues, who gave up their lives for freedom.  Why them? And why not me?

I am getting old.  My family is gone.  My friends are sick and dying. And here I am, still working and wondering why.  Should I give it all up?  What’s left in this life, for me?

Just then, a sparrow flies into the window.

Oh No!

Is he ok?

I run out, and cradle him in my hands.

He chirps.

He is dazed, but not dead.

I see him looking at me, and wondering who the hell I am.

I smile at him, as I hold on loosely, but don’t let go.

He winks at me.

Ok, he didn’t wink.

I imagined that.

And when he feels comfortable, he flies away.

Good bye, my friend.

We all have our lives to live.

Sometimes, we are left to survive on our own.

Given the choice, would we have it any other way?



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