Weather alert:

Brutal temps.

Worst of the season.

Rough weekend ahead.

Snow squalls.

White out conditions.

Wild winds.

Ok. so now what?

Drove up to the grocery store.

Forget it.

Too many people.

Stopped instead at the pet store, liquor store and my fav sports bar.

Checked my list:

Bread?  heck no.

Eggs?  Well, maybe 5 or 6.

Milk:  No. So who cares?

Beer:  Oh yeah.

Booze: Irish whiskey.  Check.

Cat food:  Of course.

Roast beef sandwiches?   Ah, yeah!  Love that sports bar.

Do I need to go out tomorrow?

No way!

Am I in for the weekend?

Hell yes!

Is it spring yet?

Am I an idiot?

Don’t answer that.

Cheers everyone.

Hunker down.

And if you come across a chicken trying to cross the road, let her go.

She is drunk.






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