Not sure if it was the wisest thing I have ever done.

Maybe it was just plain selfish.

I stayed by her side for 3 days, in the bitter cold, brushing her and trying to get her to eat.

She wouldn’t.

Each morning, I was amazed that she was still alive.

I had heard that cats have lived for several days, if they had water to drink.

But she wouldn’t drink.

So I forced it in her mouth.

She sleeps most of the time, and still won’t eat.

I guess I needed these few days with her, more than she needed them.

I put her on the couch with a blanket, trying to make her warm and comfortable.

She got up, sassed me, and went to another spot, without a blanket.

Even now she has a mind of her own.

I hope she is still with us tomorrow.

But only if that is what she wants.




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