Miracles on a cold February Day.

Early Friday.

At work.

Hungry as a bear.

In walks Mary with her buns.

How sweet it is.

Thanks Mary.

Half way through the morning:

The cat also known as Puff Daddy is still alive.

At 9:59am, I received a call from Puff’s real Daddy.

“She is trying to eat.”

How in the hell?

Go for it, Puff.


Stressing over multiple issues.

Alan to the rescue:

Sees the Chicken Butt struggling and grabs her orders.

Thanks Alan.

Not really hungry, but need to escape for a few minutes.


Oh yes!

Lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers in a pomegranate dressing, with toasted pita chips.

After lunch:

A deadline, looming.  5 pm or else:….

Stressing my ass off.

Superwoman flies through the warehouse, waving her magic wand.

What a woman.

What a boss.

Thanks, LIz.

Finally able to settle down.

Head out for a few drinks.

Bar/restaurant is packed.

Watching families at the neighborhood pub, on a Friday night, ordering loaded fries and chicken wings and onion rings and burgers.

Who says families don’t eat together?

Strange, though.  Not much conversation.

I wonder, sometimes, why we eat in silence, checking our phones and stuffing our faces, while our loves ones sit next to us, doing the same.

And then one day, when they are gone, we wish for the good old days.

Oh so many miracles on a cold Friday in February.


You didn’t see any?

The miracles happened somewhere else?

Want to see a few tomorrow?

They are there.

Just take a good look at what is happening all around you.

At the end of the day, tomorrow, take a few moments to reflect on the positive things that happened to you.

I guarantee that you will have experienced a miracle… or two.

If only you believe….







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