Is it grey or gray?

Regardless, it was a grey/gray day.

The sun came out for a few minutes, elevating my mood.

Funny how the sun can make a difference in my outlook.

Puffy doodle is still with us.

She is drinking a concoction called cat milk.

It doesn’t look like milk, but she likes it and that gives me hope that she might stick around for awhile longer.

Half Pint has me wrapped around his paw.

He approaches me and says, “Oh Wow!” and I feed him.

5 times today.

I am waiting for the 6th “Oh Wow”.

He has trained me very well.

It’s still February.

For a short month, it sure seems like a long one.

The weekend flew by.

So did I.

Just a little too wild, again.

I really ought to settle down.

Strike that.

I like wild.

I live for wild.

I wonder what I can think up for tomorrow.

It will most likely be wild.

Until then,







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