Ups and downs.

Highs and lows.

A day surrounded by mania and depression.

Laugh, celebrate, indulge.

Cry, comfort, retreat.

Oh life, how you flow into our existence.

One moment exhilarating.

The next, deep sadness.

One never knows who is experiencing what end of the spectrum.

Our families, friends, coworkers, strangers.

Be gentle and kind.

Take today, for example:

An engagement announced.

A baby to be born in September.

A sudden death of a spouse.

A beloved pet at the end of its life.

A special luncheon to celebrate team work.

A father diagnosed with cancer.

A friend’s 50th birthday.

So many seasons to our lives.

My advice?

Have empathy.

Live through the joy and pain.

And remember, above all: Take care of yourself.

It is your life, and it is all you have.

You will experience many of these emotions, guaranteed.

It will define you.

It will either make or break you.

And it will be a struggle.

But it will always be worth it.



And give thanks for those moments and years that you fondly remember.

You are worth it.

It’s all we have.

Don’t give up.

Those who have left this world, would give anything to have one more day, one more hour.

Don’t waste yours.




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