Willie Nelson’s harmonica player.

My first shot of Jameson.

St Patrick’s in NYC.

Creating a double reed for my oboe.

The clarity of the ocean in Tahiti.

My mother’s raw fried potatoes.

Bonding with my nemesis.

Laughing until I cried.

Getting married in jeans and boots.

The sunset in Newport Beach, CA.

Getting drenched in High Bridge, NJ, meeting my sister in law for the first time.

My first pet, Hoopsie, a blue parakeet.

My  high school English teacher who believed in me.

Sharla and I, dressing up in high heels and dresses, walking through the neighborhood, in our early teens.

Rooting for my little brother at the World Series Little League.

Wearing my chicken hat last year, in Minnesota, re connecting with my family, at my sister Margie’s burial.

Taking on a Management position at age 22, and climbing the corporate ladder.

Giving it all up in my late 40s. Enough is enough.

Learning to love cats.


Enjoying the diversity of the workplace and feeling grateful for those who include me.

The boys at the local pub who put up with me.

Hot showers.

Communicating with my customers.

Lake Superior.

Oh, so many more things,

But most of all, just feeling good about life, being me, and giving whatever I have to make life fun and exciting to those I meet on this journey.






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