Hey friends!

What a ridiculously miserable foggy, gloomy day.

Just what we Irish folk love:  Rain, gloom and doom.

It is such a lovely backdrop to the end of a day.

Work your ass off.

Do your best.

Wind up at the end of the rainbow, or a sports bar, whichever is closer.

An orange drink please.

But make it a tall one, with a bit of the leprechaun in its path.

Truman Capote?

Was he Irish?

If not, he should have been.

20 TV sets, broadcasting sports in the bar.

One lonely set announcing the impending doom of a tornado.

Ok, so, how about one for the road?

Oh my. The fog!

Can I remember the twists and turns of the back roads to my house?

I stop along the corn fields.

4 or 5 deer are prancing in the fog.

Come on, guys.

Can’t we all just get along?

Fortunately, no other vehicles intruded on this foggy parade.

Puff, my magic wagon, crept along the outskirts of reality and made it up the driveway from hell.

No deer were injured in the making of this film.

Hunkering down, with puff the magic cat, Half Pint, the Oh Wow Cat, and James.

Are we prepared for the tornado?

(enter the chicken butt)

Yeah, I stopped at the pet store and the liquor store.

Once again, the C. Butt delivers.

I really am amazing.

All right.  So I am just half in the bag.

Nighty night, my friends.





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