Well, now, how the heck is everyone?

Let me introduce myself, for those who have not had the pleasure of meeting me.

I am a female.

My ancestors came from Ireland and Norway.

My mother was a saint.

My dad, a sinner.

I was the 5th child in a family of 7, the first to leave the clan in Minnesota permanently.

Now there are only 3 of us left.

And one of those 3 is missing.

Moved 8 times around the country.

My favorite places?  Oregon and New Jersey.

Never been to Idaho, but I kid about it:  Idaho?  Youdaho.

Married twice, to musicians.


Who knows?

Both were a challenge.

No kids.

Just pets.

Loved to travel, in my youth.


Love to travel to work, to the grocery store, liquor store and to my favorite watering holes.

Had 3 jobs in my lifetime.

And I loved all of them.

Customer Service, with a sprinkling of creative writing now and then.

Not a lot of close friends.

Most people get tired of me.

I am too silly, ridiculous and fragmented.

If you must know the truth, I have problems with close relationships.

I always feel I might be intruding.

Or worse, I might be needy.

I find it difficult to not like everyone.

I am extremely tolerant.

And love diversity.

So, I tend to go it alone.

Inevitably, someone finds me.

In a corner, in the spotlight, losing my religion.

Or worse, drinking my 3rd double, reflecting on my day.


Another chance to make a difference.

Did I?

I don’t know.

I tried.

I hope I did.

If not, I will do it again tomorrow.

And if you find me to be a silly, crazy, ridiculous individual, don’t let it fool you.

I care about you more than you will ever know.





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