Isn’t it wonderful that we can go to a grocery store and buy all the groceries we can afford?

And a whole lot more?

Such as:  Vacuum cleaners, crock pots, table cloths, socks, gift cards, beer, pizza, hoagies, blood pressure machines, coffee makers, and condoms?

Use your preferred shopper card and get 10% off of everything, including prescription drugs and gasoline.

Remember to use coupons and you will save even more.

So what if you have 42 cans of chicken noodle soup and 12 boxes of frosted flakes?

It was worth saving 8 bucks.

Geez.  I am beginning to hate chicken noodle soup.

And after my 5th box of frosted flakes, I want to murder Tony the Tiger.

I was tempted to go for the hype today: Buy 2 packages of cheddar cheese and save $3.00.

Hello? I don’t need nor do I want 2 packages of cheese.  So just give me one pack and do not, I repeat, do not advise me, as I am checking out, that I really should buy 2 packs.

Some of us have a refrig full of buy one, get one free stuff.

And we only ate one.

A bargain?

I doubt it.

Tomorrow I am cleaning out the refrig, again.

I have to throw out the expired bargains.

Remind me next week, to buy cat food and coffee.

And to hell with the rest.

Now, if only the liquor store would have a 2 for 1 sale.





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