All right.

I will admit it.

I sometimes blog in a fog.

As some of you may have suspected, I have a need to stop and have a few blasts on my way home from work…..occasionally.

Ok, so, every night.

And every so often, it gets a little foggy.

Strike that.

I get a little foggy.

Last night, the fog obliterated my senses.

And that brings to mind one of my all time favs:  “You fill up my senses…..”

Moving right along, I knew that the fog had lifted, today,  for the most part.

Actually, I was too damn tired to fog it up tonight.

I came home on a wing and a prayer, with a grilled cheese sandwich and onion rings, and a 6 pack of the bubbly.

And, may I add, a bottle of the Irish cure for James.

Yes, Puff is still alive.

Yes, Half Pint is still a pest.

Yes, James and I are half alive.

Hey, better than half dead.

And tonight?

I did my domestic duty:  Made coffee for the morn, and threw a 6 pack in the refrrig.

Oh how lovely it is, to be old and goofy.

There is no wild frenzy to get things in order.

There is no need to cook when there is a pub a mile away.

And there is no need to apologize for how ridiculous I am.

Cheers everyone!

Enjoy each moment.

It’s all we have.




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