An unlikely hoot.

No one in the joint.

Walk in.

Order breakfast.

(a double screwdriver)

Hi!  Hello!  Welcome!

Took on the role of the welcoming committee.

Then Carl strolls in.

Not exactly the most entertaining guy on the planet.

Started a dialogue.

Not really sure what it was all about, but it appeared to be hilarious.

Laughed my ass off.

In walks Todd.

Carl is ready to bare it all, and the Ch. Butt has applied for a topless waitress position.

Somehow, it all connected, thanks to Kelly, who puts up with the Saturday breakfast club.

Limp home.

Oh no!  Have to carry all the groceries upstairs.

“Hey, can someone please take me out back and bring me a doughnut?”

Popped open a cold one.

Still laughing.

When will I ever grow up?

2 doughnuts and a beer later, I am eating sunflower seeds, singing, “Momma has a squeezebox…”

I am a sick woman.

But damn. I am fun.








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