Some days are diamonds.

Everything sparkles.

Today?  Well, it had its moments.

But overall, it was a lack luster kind of day.

Woke up to snow.

Not much snow, but just enough to make the drive to work a little slick.

Had to back up 4 people who were on vacation.

It wasn’t exactly back breaking, but it took its hold on me.

(I got a love, this love’s got a hold on me)  Fleetwood Mac.

Ok, then I lost access to the internet.

I decided to get the heck out and have a good old fashioned breakfast, for lunch, at the Cracker Barrel.

Ham, eggs, grits, hash browns, biscuits, gravy.

Oink oink.

Called the Help Desk when I got back.

One hour later, nothing was resolved.

A ticket was opened.

Priority 2.

And then my brain woke up and remembered what Scottie told me the last time I had computer issues:  Did you reboot?

I rebooted.

Problem solved.

Left at 5pm.

Remember, I’ve got friends in low places…..

Well, those idiots left at 530pm, leaving the chicken butt alone in a bar full of friendly strangers, arguing over the presidential race.

Time to head out again.

Drove to the next venue, and had a conversation with myself:

“Hey, Chicken B. Go home.  It’s Friday.  You can’t party every night.”

And then my alter ego interrupted:  “Go for it.  You only live once.”

My inner child spoke up and advised me:  “Ok, it’s Friday.  You are tired.  The fish are jumping and the cats are wild.”

I reminded the child: “I don’t have fish.”

However, the child always makes me feel so damn guilty.

So I skipped the 3rd double and drove home, singing to the music of Bob Dylan, who was laying across his big brass bed.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

May you all have a great weekend, figgity fig.

Just remember life is short piggity pig.

How the hell do I end this?  Ziggity Zig.






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