Soul mate?

Is that what we are looking for?

Same interests, same values, same same same?

Excuse me, but… how boring is that?

Give me liberty or give me someone who challenges me.

In my lifetime:

Soul mate number 1:


Oh, yeah, before we were married, we seemed to be on the same wave length.

A musically inspired couple.

He continued on with his “band”.

I went to work.

Never the twain shall meet.

Next:  A lying son of a gun, who stole my heart.

Soul mates?


He needed all the attention.

I was the care giver.

However, we did have a few years together, drinking, partying, indulging and finally, a rare fight, tearing us apart.

Next:  I moved on, to the E. Coast, alone, a lost soul, like, U2, looking, and not finding what I was looking for.

And then, after a long Saturday, in a big house, alone, in a wooded, rural part of Jersey, I got hungry, and ventured out for a drink and a sandwich.

And met JB.

He was a wild looking creature, with a soft heart.

He was someone I loved to hate.

And what a son of a B he could be.

Never soul mates.

Not one bit alike.

Or were we?

A tumultuous rocky road, 30 years in the making, and we finally agree to disagree.

He can have his country music and basketball games.

I prefer David Bowie, Pink Floyd and hockey.

But we share a sense of humor, and love to laugh at the most ridiculous things.

Ok, so what is a soul mate?

A clone?

A drone?

Or someone we have lived with and loved, for many years, in spite of our differences?

Who really knows?

Cheers, JB.

You are the one person I have hated to love and loved to hate.





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