Yes, I was indisposed yesterday.

If I had to compare it with anything, it would be a sloth.

And a mighty slow sloth, at that.

I made a minimal attempt at shopping and decided there was no way I would be cooking.

Thank goodness for hoagies, pre made quiche and pasta salads.

Stopped for my usual breakfast drink and could not drink more than one.

Can it be that the Chicken Butt is slowing down?

Then of all nights for day light savings time to start:  I needed every hour of beauty sleep I could get.

Needless to say, there is no beauty.  There is no justice. There is no humanity.

Decided to watch a good movie on TV.  Donald showed up instead, throwing out the horrible people, the bad bad people, the garbage that showed up at his rally.   He is going to press charges, before he makes America great again. Then Hilliary claimed she didn’t start the fire (must have been Billy Joel) when she called the Donald a political arsonist.

Civilization has come so far, hasn’t it?

If there was ever a time I need my strength, it is now, and here I am, a deranged sloth, soaking up a few beers, and eating cashews.

My watering hole is serving corned beef and cabbage today.  Geez, I wish I had the energy to stop myself from guzzling beer, so I could gorge on a fatty meal, which, of course, would only exacerbate my new role as medium sized mammal hanging upside down from trees,  among  other things.

Cabbage is probably not a good thing to eat tonight anyway.  I have to set the clock ahead and get up in the dark, putting my aging body at risk for further decay.

Perhaps this week, I will attempt to behave.  Ok, I won’t go that far, but I will try to cool it somewhat.  Well, maybe not cool it.  Let’s say I will act my age.  Oh to hell with that.  I can’t.  I never grew up.

Hope you all have a wild and exciting week!

I can’t wait!






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