The richest rooster in the country got tired of hanging out in the chicken coop.

He expanded his territory to include the most valuable property in the chicken kingdom.

He and his fellow conspirators, decided to conquer the world.

He hired the best and paid them a hefty salary, as long as they contributed to his wealth.

There was one caveat:  If a fellow conspirator, failed to deliver, or happened to embarrass King Rooster, it was all over.


Or die.

With all his wealth, the KR, King Rooster, decided he was entitled to buy his way into those who held the power and influence.  It was no longer just ok to conquer the chicken world.. He was consumed by his desire to rule the universe.

How to do it?

No problem.

Contribute, get friendly with the influential, be seen and heard.

If anyone objected, hit them with a law suit.  Who cares what it cost?


Wait in the wings, until the time was ripe:

Inequality, terrorists, illegal immigrants, out of control health care costs, and loss of jobs.

Prey on the fears of the masses.

Point the finger.

Promise solutions, with no real plan.

Hate those who have done this to us.

Don’t let these people into our country.

Kill those who threaten our security.

Get them out.  Just get them out.

“Look folks!  I love you. We all love you.”

“I will save the world.”

And the animal kingdom bought it.

They decided the Rooster was the way to go.

After all, the Rooster was successful, rich and knew what it takes to win.

A scraggly chicken approached the Rooster and asked him if she could bring her family into this country.

The Rooster said, ” Of course, we love you.”

And the chicken said, “But we have no money, no influence and we are Muslims.”

End of story.

Just as the end of the Sopranos turned blank, into a black hole, so did the chicken and her family.

They are now living out their senior years in New Jersey with the outlaw Chris Christie.

And the Rooster awakes at dawn, every morning, and tweets Sarah, in Alaska, to ask how she is doing and if she can still see Russia, from her front porch.

The rest of us have moved to Canada.






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