I admired this couple, even though they seemed to be mismatched.

He was elderly, had a difficult time walking, but still quite protective of his mate.

She was a natural beauty:  Tall, slim, and quite a looker.

Today, he sacrificed his life to save hers.

He walked in front of her, as a speeding car careened out of control.

He died protecting the love of his life, and his unborn child.

She is alone now, looking for him.

I wonder if she knows he will never be back.

What will she do?

And if their babies are born, can she carry this off, by herself?

I heard her tonight, as I walked to my car.

She was crying, grieving, looking, hoping, wishing….

Will she survive?

I only wish I could make it better for her and her babies.

My thoughts turn to those who are in another animal world…. those who have lost the loves of their lives, and who find the strength to carry on, to do whatever it takes to raise their offspring, on their own.

Yes, you and I are no different from the other creatures of this world.

These are the best and the worst of times.

Some of us win, some of us lose.

But as long as we are alive and have another day to live on this planet, give thanks.

Regardless of our circumstances, is anything really better than being alive?

Live it.

Experience it.

Go for it.

How wonderful if we have a partner to help us through the rough times.

But how wonderful it is, to have the resilience, the faith and the hope for the next generation.

All if takes is a little help from our friends.

If only we will ask.



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