He deals in millions.

If you disagree with him, he will tie you up in law suits.

He has unlimited resources.

He has “people”.

He loves you, until you cross him.

Unless you kiss his ring, and repent, he will destroy you.

Build a wall.

To hell with the rest of the world.

He will be in Miami, at his palace, having dinner with the elitists.  Ok, so maybe  not elite, but with those who have money.

He knows that is what makes the word go round.



Use every marketing tactic possible to expand his kingdom.

When you give in and support him, he will ridicule and criticize you.

He is above the law.

If he doesn’t get the support of the GOP, his supporters will riot.

So he says.



Because he says so.


Absolute power?



What does this have to do with our country?

Our future?

Our constitution?

Our role as the one shining star, always willing to take in those who desire freedom, the champion of diversity, and the melting pot of all of us?

May I say, Donald, that my opinion of you is tainted.

I see you as a rich, spoiled. self serving bigot whose ego is out of control.

You want to make this country great again?

You want to make China and Mexico and all the Muslims of the world the bad guys?

Oh my.

How shallow your world must be.

You might be rich, but that is all you are.

Keep making your deals, Donald.

Get richer.

Go for it.

But can you just leave the future of our country and our lives in the hands of those who are rational? Someone who embraces our values, and doesn’t use money to prove his or her worth?

You are a bully, Donald.

I, for one, am tired of you.

I only hope that the rest of this country will wake up and see that you really never stand for anything; that you parrot the same words, over and over, as you vow to make America great again.

Build a wall.

No more Muslims.

Watch out for China.

Putin is A ok.

Bush, Clinton, Obama, and the rest of the world are all liars.

If I don’t win the nomination there will be riots.

Christie is an asshole, but he supports me.

For those who are supporters, my condolences.

Is this the future you want ?

Is this the leader you want?

Think about it.






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