Hello Dominic.

Who are you?

I am nobody.

Are you nobody too?

Dominic can’t hear too well.

He is elderly.

Hey, like I ain’t?

He has been golfing today in Eastern Pa, enjoying the 70 degree weather.

He walks in, alone, has a beer and no one talks to him.

Oh yeah?

The chicken butt strikes up a conversation with Dom.

I call him Dom.

I ask him if he is Italian?

He gives me a look that says:  “Hey you idiot, of course I am.”

He tells me his life story.

What a lovely person.

Can I buy you a beer, Dom?

No, Chicken Buttafucco.  I am on my way home.

I said:  “Hope to see you again, Dom.”

We high 5.

I doubt that I will run into Dom again.

It really doesn’t matter.

For tonight, I had a wonderful time, listening to Dom reflect on his family, his love of golf and his political views.

As he walked out the door, I smiled to myself.

What a perfectly lovely man, retired, devoting the rest of his years to taking care of his family, yet finding time for golf and an occasional beer.

I thought I detected a spring in his step as he left the establishment.

Cheers, Dominic!

So happy to have had the opportunity to talk to you.

I hope someday we will meet again.

So many people in this world.

Strangers, until we meet.

And then, BFFs forever.



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