Woke up to the news in Brussels.

Innocent people on their way home, or to work, or on vacation, their lives changed forever.

Such randomness.

Is anyone safe?

Can we ever be sure that we are secure?

Maslow says that we need to feel safe, to be able to climb the ladder of self actualization.

Does anyone feel safe today?

There are those who intend to destroy our lives, if not with their bombs and guns, then with their threats.

It could be that the fear of what could happen, is just as devastating as the act of terror, itself.

So, we can choose to hide and hope that we stay safe, or we can take each day as a gift on this planet, and regardless of our circumstances, live it to the fullest.

As we go about our simple routines, we interact with so many others, and that gives us unlimited possibilities to brighten someone’s day. It may not be in a life changing way, but a kind act is rarely forgotten and most often appreciated.

This evening, the news continues from Brussels.

I cannot imagine the sorrow and pain that the Belgium people are feeling.

Who are these cruel, mad people who want to destroy whatever goodness exists?

Tonight, we grieve, for Belgium, as we resolve to form a union across the globe to defeat those who want to destroy this amazing planet.

And tomorrow, may the leaders of all the countries in our world pledge to work together to defeat those who wish to destroy us.

I know it can be done.

If only…..





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