Sometimes I think that we all need a break from the norm.

Get the hell out of Dodge, once in awhile, and trip the light fandango.

It doesn’t mean we aren’t devoted to our mates, our children, our families, our friends.

It just means we need a little space to kick back, get down, and act like a lunatic.

For me?  Grab my chicken butt hat and choose a spot to land.

Once landed, engage those fortunate. or not so fortunate persons who are in my immediate focus.

Hey hey My My!

What’s your name?

Have you always been this gorgeous?

Haven’t we met before?

On another planet?

In another life?

Can I buy you a drink?

Hey, wait.

I know you.

You are George Clooney.

No, let’s be realistic.

You are much more handsome than George.;

The dialogue continues through the evening.

And then, George gets loaded and I call a taxi, to take George home.

I continue to drink the rest of the George’s under the table, to prove that this Cougar is outrageous. outlandish and out of control.

And when it is time to leave, to head back to reality,  I pause, and wish everyone a happy life.

Sometimes, my friends, an escape from reality is all we need, to regroup, to act silly and to realize that nothing in life can take the place of living in the moment.


We all need an escape every now and then.

Just do it.

When life hits you so hard that you can’t laugh, when it gets so serious that you lose your sense of humor, take a time out, join the chicken butt in an evening of nonsense, and laugh until you cry.




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