There I was.

Ready to take on the world.


Ahead of time.

Raring to go.

Turned on the computer.


No drive.

Picked up the phone.


No dial tone.

Now what?

Clean my desk?

Why not?


Pancakes in the freezer.

Finished that and decided to walk around.


Guess what?

No, not chicken butt.

No phone, no pc.

Most say, “Why?”

Chicken Thigh?

Waiting for IT to show up.

Is there any hope for my misery?

Looked for the age old remedy of written notes, of processes, to review.

When that was accomplished, I thought about the years that I had worked without a PC and without a phone.

What the heck did I do all day?

At 10am, Gary happened to walk by, and within a blink of his eye, fixed the problem.

Phone was ringing, emails were zinging, and I was back on my game.

And from then on, the day went down hill.

If only Gary had not walked by…..

Oh the good old days.




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